Growers New Processing Facility

A Look Inside Oregon’s New Hazelnut Processing Facility

Hazelnut Growers of Oregon have invested in a state-of-the-art plant to support the hazelnut industry for years to come. The plant equipment and features are not only efficient, but they achieve some of the highest in food safety standards. The new facility is poised to handle the tens of thousands of new acres planted and record setting hazelnut harvests to come.

  • 120,000sq ft production, storage and administration under one roof
  • Increased food safety
  • Increased on-site dry and cold storage capacity
  • Centralized location for easy delivery and shipping
  • Increased automation equipment
  • In-house packaging
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Re-designed workflow to improve productivity
  • Bulk storage capacity of 18 million pounds
  • Finished goods storage of 15 million pounds

Front of the Donald building / Hazelnut Growers of Oregon

Hazelnut processing equipment

Hazelnut processing equipment

Detailed diagram of nut flow in processing facility


160k lbs
of hazelnuts per hour

Towers and platforms on outside of processing facility

Towers outside processing facility building


320k lbs
in the quality control silos

10.8M lbs
in the 4 massive storage silos (2.7M lbs each)

Steam pasteurizing more than
10k lbs
hazelnuts per hour

Hazelnut processing equipment


Slicing / dicing in excess of
5k lbs
of hazelnuts per hour


Roasting more than
3k lbs
of hazelnuts per hour

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