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Sustainably grown in Oregon’s Willamette Valley

Why Hazelnuts?

Plant-based foods and beverages are growing nationwide, and hazelnuts are a rising star: Consumers are enjoying more hazelnuts for a variety of reasons: superior taste, quality, health and nutrition attributes, and availability.

Growth in plant-based/protein rich foods is exploding!

With plant-based food consumption experiencing rapid growth, hazelnuts have grown in popularity and are quickly establishing themselves as the new nut, leading innovative product launches in top growing categories.

Specialty Food 5 Year Category Growth (2019-2023)*

Food & Beverages Total: 26%
Chocolate & Candy: 21%
Nuts & Trail Mix: 19%
Plant-Based Milk: 24%
Bars & Gels: 31%
Creams & Creamers: 37%
Nuts & Seed Butters: 20%

*Source: Specialty Food Association Category Tracking & Forecasting 2019/2020 Edition

Reliably the best: Taste, Quality, Supply, & Food Safety.

Hazelnuts grown in Oregon offer PREMIUM TASTE and HIGHEST QUALITY, when compared to the global supply.

Single Origin: Oregon

Due to its unique location on the 45th parallel, Oregon’s moderate climate, ample precipitation and rich volcanic soil provide ideal growing conditions

Preserved freshness

  • As soon as our hazelnuts are shelled, we put them in cold storage to preserve their freshness
  • We use advanced steam pasteurization

Best handling

  • Latest electronic nut-sorting technologies
  • Best-in-class inspection and grading procedures that exceeds USDA standards

Safest supply

  • Highest food safety standards
  • SQF-3 certified

Health benefits

Sustainable Farming

We are stewards of water, land and bees.

U.S. Hazelnut Industry In-Shell Harvest Volume Forecast in Tons*

*Source: NASS (National Agricultural Statistical Survey)

Ingredient Specifications


Whole Natural kernels*

Whole & Broken*



Natural Meal



*Available in Natural or Roasted

Packaging formats*

Hazelnut Items** 50 lb Bag 25 lb Box*** Pouch
(6, 8, 12, 16 oz)
4/5 lb Case 5 kg Pail 20 kg Pail
In-Shell yes
Whole Natural Kernels yes yes
Whole & Broken yes yes
Dry Roasted Whole yes yes yes
Seasoned Whole Kernels yes yes yes
Dry Roasted Diced yes yes
Diced Natural yes yes yes
Natural Meal yes yes
Sliced Natural yes yes yes
Hazelnut Butter yes yes
Hazelnut Paste yes yes

*Supersacks, drums and other packaging sizes are available as needed.
**Not limited to these items. Custom specifications available upon request.
***25 lb box is nitrogen flushed and vacuum packed to seal in freshness.


5 kg Pails
20 kg pails

50 lb Bags

Vacuum Packed Kernels 25 lb


Export Inshell

4/5 lb Boxes

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