Hazelnut Topped Crostini

Late summer is an excellent time to enjoy the fruits of your garden in new ways. This simple appetizer recipe uses fresh mint leaves and Indigo Rose Tomatoes from the garden with other ingredients.

Hazelnut Topped Crostini

1 – loaf artisan bread of your choice (Used here: 12 oz Rustic Italian Loaf – Simple Truth Organic – Fred Meyer)
6oz – Goat cheese of your choice (Used here: Vermont Creamery Goat Cheese)
8-10 – Fresh mint leaves
3 – Indigo Rose tomatoes (or your tomato of choice)
4Tbsp – honey
4oz – butter or Ghee (clarified butter)
4Tbsp – Balsamic vinegar reduction (used here: Fini Balsamic of Modena)
1/2 – fresh squeezed lemon juice
1/2 Cup – Oregon Orchard chopped hazelnuts (available in Wilco Stores)

1. Slice bread loaf into 1/2 inch slices and coat (brush on) melted butter or ghee on one side. Place bread slices, butter side up, on a baking sheet and broil to a golden brown on one side.
2. Remove bread from oven and turn oven to warm.
3. Cover each crostini with goat cheese to your liking, mounded or flat depending upon taste.
4. Drizzle honey over the surface area that has been covered with goat cheese.
5. Thinly slice and place 1-2 slices of Indigo Rose tomato on top of honey and goat cheese.
a. Indigo Rose Tomato- The Indigo Rose tomato was developed by OSU growers and is high in antioxidants. It turns a true purple color when exposed to the sun. Fruit matures to an average 2” diameter and takes about 91 days to full maturity.
Indigo Rose Tomato

6. Drizzle balsamic reduction back and forth across the top of the now tomato topped crostini.
7. Top with fresh finely chopped mint leaves.
8. Sprinkle Oregon Orchard chopped hazelnuts over top of crostini.
9. 10 minutes prior to serving, squeeze lemon juice around the edges of crostini and place finished crostini in the oven to warm 10 minutes prior to serving.
Oregon Orchard Hazelnuts

Want a great wine choice to serve with this appetizer? Try a nicely chilled Moscato like Bartenura. It is crisp, refreshing and semi-sweet, with lingering pear, tangerine, nectar and melon flavors on the finish. Plus it contains only 5% alcohol.