Meet Jennifer Stewart!

Have you met Jennie yet? Jennie is our HGO Marketplace Sales Receptionist and has been with us since September 2021! Before coming to HGO, Jennie worked at Barnes & Noble for 14 years as a Senior Bookseller.  In addition to this, she’s been a college tutor, book editor, church administrator, and has worked as a shipping & logistics auditor for a local botanicals company. Jennifer is also actively involved in community service, largely in support of new mothers.

With her bachelor’s degree in English and Literature, Jennifer has very strong creative writing skills; having won several college awards and has been published in some internationally distributed journals. Since hazelnuts have become a part of her life, Jennie has researched hazel trees and hazelnuts, focusing on their history, folklore, place in cultures, and their names, throughout Europe, and Oregon.

Some interesting hobbies include collecting and restoring antique dolls of the 19th century and maintaining her blog, Quintessential Antique Dolls (  She also enjoys cooking and caring for children.  If you want to strike up a conversation, ask her about her favorite places of travel- she’s lived in several states and overseas in the Far East/Pacific Basin Rim. Stop by the Marketplace for a chat with her. You may learn something interesting!