New Products Hit Shelves

We have kicked off our retail push to secure placement of our seasoned and raw/roasted packaged products out into the marketplace!

“That’s the best packaging I have seen among several manufacturers presenting hazelnuts for our stores,” said the buyer at the Albertsons Companies, Portland region. Those were the first words of praise for our new value-added line for seasoned hazelnuts in the 8 oz. gusseted bags. They chose three flavors to feature in 90 stores in Oregon and lower Washington. These items have been placed within Albertsons and Safeway stores. The target retail price will be $6.99/bag. They will be found within the snack nut aisle and could also be merchandised at the front kiosks where you queue to pay. Please send any photos taken of them in your local store to

Our goal is to secure placement of our hazelnuts within the four main sections of the stores where they can be displayed and sold: nut snacks, candy, baking nuts, and produce nuts. We have reached out to various retailers across multiple channels (or types of stores): traditional grocery, mass (like Walmart or Target), club (like Costco or Sam’s), drug (like Walgreens), specialty, natural (like Whole Foods or PCC) and alternative stores (like Cabela’s, Bed Bath & Beyond or T.J.Maxx). We received more positive feedback after buyers tasted our seasoned hazelnuts with a genuine recognition that there’s a need for hazelnuts within their stores. We look forward to sharing the good news as we secure placement of our hazelnuts into more retailers within the Northwest and across the nation.

After a recent meeting with the produce buyer at Albertsons/Safeway, they have agreed to feature all 4 baking items (whole natural, whole roasted, sliced and diced) within their produce aisles in their Oregon and lower Washington stores. We have also secured placement of all five seasoned, snack hazelnuts within Bi-Mart’s eighty-three stores. Our hazelnuts can now be found in Safeway, Albertsons, and Bi-Mart stores.