New Roasted & Seasoned Hazelnuts

New Hazelnut ProductsCelebrate this year’s harvest with five new seasoned hazelnut items available to ship to the retail channel this month!  These bold and exciting flavors include Sweet & Spicy Barbecue, Rosemary, Cinnamon Sugar, Himalayan Salt and Southwest Chili Pepper.

Why this hot, sweet and savory offering?  According to Food Business News, “There’s (been) a 33% increase in hot and spicy flavors in U.S. snack product launches since 2016.”  Additionally, snack category consumers are seeking out global yet specific, culinary flavors and have come to appreciate specific taste profiles that are tied to a particular region.  

On the packaging side of things, we are shipping 8-oz. pouches within 6-pack cases, which helps with store velocity and minimizes overstock of goods.  Hazelnut Growers of Oregon rapidly shells, steam pasteurizes then roasts its nuts prior to tumbling them with these amazing flavors.  All done just in time for the holidays!

Keep an eye out in store for each of the following items:

8 OZ (227g) Oregon Orchard® Sweet & Spicy Barbecue

8 OZ (227g) Oregon Orchard® Southwest Chili Pepper

8 OZ (227g) Oregon Orchard® Cinnamon Sugar

8 OZ (227g) Oregon Orchard® Rosemary

8 OZ (227g) Oregon Orchard® Himalayan Salt