Oregon Orchard® Product Changes

Confectionary Line HGOFollowing the launch of our new seasoned and baking products we re-evaluated the entire Oregon Orchard offering. This process known as “SKU rationalization” can be challenging due to our brand’s history and the number of operators in the supply chain. One example is the many different label and packaging types used across the product line. These components are currently printed or acquired from several different vendors and not all of them share a common look nor have been updated to reflect current state of operations (e.g., distribution addresses or recent ingredient changes.) As a result, the process for making corrections becomes somewhat daunting, but if one stays disciplined and focused, those products that prove to be “high performers” for sales are really allowed to shine. Unfortunately, it means discontinuing the production and sales of many others. So, if you’ve been looking and haven’t been able to find some of your favorite flavors this explains why.

The products that have been earmarked for discontinuance due to poor sales performance are Jalapeno, Hickory Smoked, Mint Chocolate, Yogurt Chocolate and Cherry Chocolate varieties and soon to join them will be Butterscotch Chocolate.
In addition, the Oregon Orchard 20-oz Bridge Mix and Seasoned 14-oz Variety Pack will be fading away as we head into the holiday season.

Replacing these are some exciting new holiday offerings, including two gift pack rounded tins- one is a 24-oz Sweet & Salty and the other is a 16-oz Bridge Mix.
We are also introducing a new 6-oz chocolate confection product line (Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and
Marionberry) which also includes a new flavor, “Skinny” Milk Chocolate. The Skinny Milk Chocolate uses 20% less chocolate to help bring the hazelnut texture and flavor-forward while providing a 20% increase in guilty pleasure! Happy Holidays!